Sunday, May 15, 2016

Full Sunday

I was very spiritually fed today, and the tears were freely flowing. In ward council the Sunday School President had the spiritual thought, and he shared thoughts from the talk, "Behold Thy Mother" from Pres. Monson. It talks about 4 different mothers, and as he shared these thoughts w/ us he became very emotional. Then in sacrament meeting I could not stop the tears from flowing during the sacrament hymn! After that, Sis. F spoke and shared some amazing thoughts & insights. She is so in tune to the Spirit.

I skipped Sunday School to talk to Liz. We haven't had a chance to talk in weeks, and we both had important things we needed to share w/ each other. I feel horrible that I haven't been a more attentive friend to her. Once camp is over my life can return to normal.

During YW I went to the Beehive class b/c we had 2 Stake leaders there to tell us about Beehive Camp. I'm really hoping we can find 2 parents or leaders to go to Beehive's camp so I don't have to go. I don't know if I can get the time off of work back to back like that. We'll see...

We came home, scarfed down some food, I made 2 pans of brownies, and then went visiting teaching. Autumn is already super sad that Ashley only has a few weeks left before she graduates and moves away for summer semester at college. Ashley has been an absolute ANGEL to Autumn and we will both miss her so much. My new visiting teaching partner shared some great insights, and the Spirit was super strong.

Then we went over to visit Sis. W. Tomorrow is her last day of work b/c she's getting married in June. I am beyond THRILLED for her. She sooooo deserves it! Abbey had this fancy "nail salon" set up for her & Autumn. I hope we'll get to see Abbey even after her grandma moves, b/c she & Autumn are such cute friends.

I dropped my visiting teaching partner off at her house, left Autumn at home w/ Nick, grabbed the 2 pans of brownies and hurried over to BYD. Bishop had asked me to share a few thoughts about choices. There were 2 instances of people I work with this week that did not make good choices that I shared w/ the youth. It was a good way to end a full & busy Sunday.

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