Saturday, May 14, 2016

Service, Volleyball, Temple, Open House, Snapchat

 We didn't get to sleep in at all today, b/c we needed to get ready for a busy day. We went over to the church at 8:00 to help Kaitlyn set up for her project to decorate lunch sacks for the Salvation Army. I'm so proud of my young women that have been in charge of this service project for the past few years.

 This is a bag that Autumn decorated. She's dressed in her volleyball uniform, b/c we had to leave straight from the church and go over to her volleyball game which started at 9:15.

 They played really well, but didn't win any of their 3 games. I got to be a line judge, and a few intense calls b/c they were right on the line.

 After the game we went back over to the church to help w/ the lunch sack activity. There were hundreds of service projects all over the city, but this is my favorite one to be involved with. It's great b/c people can come and go as their schedules allow. Plus, it's one of the only projects that families w/ little kids can help with. I was happy to see that the room was so full and that lots of sacks had already been decorated!

 Since everything was in control there, I walked down the hall to see if I could help w/ setting up the supplies for people to come and make hygiene kits to be donated to the Refugee Relief Effort. It was great to see how many items had been donated! Shannon said that this project was done from start to finish in 20 minutes! People were just super speedy and got it done quickly. AWESOME!

 I went back to help w/ the sack activity and my job was to look at each sack, make sure it was decorated nicely, and to stamp the back w/ a web address. This lunch sack had me cracking up so hard. It's an awesome drawing of the Eiffel tower, but they spelled it "wee wee" instead of "oui oui!" When the activity was over at noon we helped them clean up, put away tables & chairs, and organize all the decorated bags. I think someone said we had over 150 people come & decorate bags!

Autumn & I came home, had lunch, and then I went to the temple. I haven't been in a long time b/c it was closed for cleaning for a few weeks and then Autumn has had volleyball games on Saturday mornings. Luckily, Nick was off today so he could stay home w/ her while I went. They have redone the grounds around the temple, and they look so nice! They aren't 100% done yet, but it's a huge improvement.

 It was a great session, even though I really struggled to stay awake during the first part. It felt so good to be back in the temple and to feel enveloped by the peace that is there. Plus, the celestial room is gorgeous! The moon was starting to show when I came out of the temple. What a pretty picture.

 I came home, got Autumn & Nick, and we went over to Nate & Riannon's house. They were hosting an open house for close friends & their neighbors. I helped w/ a few finishing touches. They had quite the yummy spread of food!

 There were A LOT of people there (this is only showing a portion of everyone who came)! I'm glad that so many of their neighbors came. It seems like a very close knit neighborhood.

 I SQUEALED for joy when I saw Marcus & Misty walk in! We have known them for over 15 years, and they are a BLAST!!! We had such a great time catching up and laughing and reminiscing.

 Marcus had Snapchat on his phone, and we had never used it before. Y'all, we were laughing so hard we were crying! He got the FUNNIEST video of Olivia. It's the face where the smile is crooked (see Nick's first picture below), and she kept touching her face to see what was wrong with it. Autumn & I had to download it so we could play around w/ it too. Here's one of Autumn & me with our faces swapped. LOL!!!

 I really liked this fancy headdress one!

 This one of Nick is too funny. I texted these to him so he could forward them to his fiance, Savi.

This one is funny and weird and creepy all at the same time! It was such a fun night, and we got home around 9:30. It was a FULL but FABULOUS day!

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Jen T said...

What awesome service projects! That is a great idea. Glad you had so many people there to help! Looks like a lot of fun with volleyball, the temple and open house. It was a full day for you! Hope you are well!