Friday, May 20, 2016

Love & Friendship Movie

 After I got Autumn from daycare we went to the $1 store to get some treats to make a candy thank you card for her volleyball coaches. Since she was a good helper, I let her get this massive lollipop since it was just $1. We came home, ate dinner, and then put the cards together.

Nick was off tonight and he stayed home w/ Autumn so I could go pick up Mary & Jessie to go see Love & Friendship. We LOVE all things Jane Austen, and the previews looked so good. I am so sad to report that none of us liked the movie at all! I was so thoroughly disappointed, b/c I was hoping it would be my new "go to" movie to have on in the background (like Pride & Prejudice or Sense & Sensibility). The acting was great, the costumes were wonderful, but the story line was so random and disjointed that it didn't make any sense. It was really hard to get into at first, then it picked up in the middle a bit, but completely fizzled out at the end. All of a sudden the lights in the theater came up and Mary and I looked at each other like, "what the heck just happened?!?!?!" Plus, the A/C in the theater was broken so it was super hot in there.

But, I'm still glad we went and saw it so now we know. Plus, it's always super fun to spend time w/ friends!

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