Sunday, May 1, 2016

N Is For Nick & Nate

I thought I would be Starvin' Marvin today, b/c it was fast Sunday. But, I was surprisingly not hungry until we got home. I found this random picture on my phone that Autumn took. I asked her why she took it and she said b/c the chocolate on side of this granola bar looked like an "N" for Uncle Nick & Uncle Nate. LOL! She cracks me up.

I had ward council before church, and then the testimonies in sacrament meeting were great. I went to the Gospel Principles class today instead of Gospel Doctrine and that was also an uplifting meeting. In Young Women's we were combined and the lesson was about "why is it important to listen to and follow the living prophets?" Sis. J & Sis. W did a great job teaching.

After church it was SO NICE to have no extra meetings. We broke our fast, had dinner, and then relaxed for the rest of the night. I chose to watch the Young Single Adult broadcast (even though I'm an OLD single), b/c it was about the things we can learn from the First Vision. It was really good, and insightful.

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