Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nate & Riannon's Hot Date And 3 Trips Across Town

 Tonight was CUH-RAY-ZEE!!! Nate & Riannon had bought tickets months ago to the Florence & The Machine concert. They asked me last week if I could watch Olivia for them tonight. I knew I had Young Women's tonight, but said I could try and make it work. THEN, to make it even more crazy, Autumn's volleyball coach needed to switch their practice to tonight instead of the usual Thursday night. So, here's how our evening went:

5:20 pick Autumn up at daycare (East side of town)
5:30 Go to Nate & Riannon's for dinner and to pick up Olivia (West side of town)
6:10 Leave to go drop Autumn off at volleyball practice (East side of town)
6:40 Leave to go to Young Women's (West side of town)
7:40 Leave Young Women's early to go pick Autumn up
I have to put a side note here and say that Olivia was a perfect angel during Young Women's. The Laurels finalized some of our plans for camp, and Olivia sat on my lap the whole time and was sooooo good!
8:00 Pick Autumn up from volleyball practice (East side of town)
8:20 Get back to Nate & Riannon's (West side of town), feed the girls a quick snack, and put them to bed.

WHEW! It was A LOT of driving back and forth tonight but we made it work.

 Olivia is now obsessed w/ Snapchat and anytime she sees Autumn doing it she wants to have a turn. This is what Olivia will look like in 70 years. LOL!

A pretty selfie of my Autumn Girl. Nate & Riannon have a little twin sized mattress that they keep in their walk-in closet for Nate to sleep on when he's working nights and has to sleep during the day. They just pulled that out into their formal living room for Autumn to sleep on. I worked on camp stuff and edited pics. Nate & Riannon got home around 11:30, which is way sooner than I thought they would be home. I woke Autumn up and we came home and went right to sleep.

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