Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Random Camera Roll Pics

As I was cleaning out my camera roll tonight, I noticed all these pictures Autumn had taken. She was trying to get a close up of her hamster, Humphrey. He likes to chew on the metal wires of his cage to grind down his teeth. He's such a loud guy for being so little. But, he's a super easy pet to take care. I just wish he wouldn't bite so we could pick him up and play with him.

Autumn is obsessed w/ Snapchat and I have been finding lots and lots of pics like this on my phone. She looks good as a Polynesian Princess! Especially since the seat covers in my car match the theme perfectly! 

This "old lady" one is crazy! I guess this is what Autumn could potentially look like in 60 years. I'm glad I downloaded Snapchat so I could get more pics of Autumn (even if they have all these random filters on them). She's been a little camera shy lately, or she'll make weird faces when I try to take pics. These pics she's taking of her own free will & choice and I don't have to beg her to let me take her pic. I'm so sneaky!

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