Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Senior Night

Riannon invited Autumn & I over for dinner tonight before YW, which was super nice to not have to cook. Plus, it's always fun to spend time w/ her and Olivia (Nate was at work).

 Tonight for YM/YW we were all combined and had Senior Night. We have 7 Seniors this year, but one of them is inactive and doesn't come to church. Then my 2 YW had to work tonight, and couldn't be there. So, we honored the 4 young men that are graduating this year. Autumn & I got there early to help add some graduation decorations that I picked up at the $1 store about a month ago. As soon as I see that stuff in the store, I buy a bunch b/c it's usually GONE in a few weeks.

 The YM were in charge of the activity. Lane had emailed all the Seniors a survey yesterday to have them fill out. Then he played a game where he read some of their answers and we had to guess which Senior the answers belonged to. After that he had each of the Seniors share some words of wisdom/advice w/ the younger kids. After that we had refreshments, cleaned up, and came home!

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