Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Crazy Job & Crocheting

 Today at work I kept hearing a helicopter that sounded like it was really close. I finally got up and looked outside and saw this!!! There was a guy dangling from the helicopter, and it was taking him around to different electrical towers so he could work on them.
 I'm pretty sure I could never do that job. Look at how high up he is!!! It was really cool to watch, though.

Lexie texted me this picture of her teaching Autumn how to crochet. She said Autumn is a natural at it and had already made a hot pad. It makes me so happy to know she's being well taken care of. It's nice to not have to worry about how she's doing so I can focus on camp stuff.
After work I spent the rest of the evening & night setting up stuff for camp tomorrow. I organized all of the camp items I took over to Mom & Dad's so I'm all prepared for the early morning camp check-in tomorrow. Then I came home and packed all of my own stuff and finally went to sleep around midnight.

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