Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stake Beehive Camp ~ Day 1

This morning Autumn & I got up at 6:00 so we could stop at our favorite doughnut shop, and then I dropped her off at Nate & Riannon's at 6:30. Then I went over to the local grocery store's parking lot where we had told the Beehive parents to drop their girls off. We like meeting there, b/c it's close to the freeway. The girls were so excited to have doughnuts for breakfast.

 Then we hit the road for the campsite. We got there way faster than I thought we would, so we were almost an hour early, and were one of the first groups there. We went and found our assigned cabin, and since we were the first ones there we got to pick the side that had the A/C unit. The cabins are shaped like a T and there is only one A/C unit in the cabin. The cabins have nice bunk beds w/ plastic covered mattresses.
 We got unpacked, the new Beehives made their fishing hook necklaces, and then they started their first JFP (junk food party). They all climbed onto one of the top bunks and started chowing down on the treats we had. I had a bunch of treats left over from Girls Camp last week that I brought for this week.
 At 10:00 everyone gathered for a welcome & spiritual thought. Then we got to start our first rotation. Our group got to go to the lake first, so the girls went back to the cabin and changed into their swimsuits. We got to take the sneaky shortcut through the forest to the lake. There was a big tree that had fallen right across the path, so we had to climb through it to get to the lake.
 The girls LOVED the lake, b/c there were canoes, paddle boats, and actual swimming. As you can see, it was nice and cloudy so we weren't sweltering in the hot sun. I sat in the shade and enjoyed the nice breeze coming off the lake.
 After an hour we went back to the cabin and got changed for lunch. It was fun to see Britt at camp.

 For lunch we had salad, baked potatoes, chili, and cookies for dessert. The cooks did a great job and everyone enjoyed that the mess hall was air conditioned.
 After lunch we had free time, and the girls said they wanted to go back to the cabin & have another JFP. They just like being together and laughing, talking, and eating.
 I went out onto the porch to get something and saw these MASSIVE daddy longlegs up under the eaves. CREEPY! We were warned that there are lots of scorpions around and to always wear shoes, even if we're just walking around the cabin.
 At 2:00 we went to our second rotation, which was a service project. The girls each got to decorate a pillow case that are going to be donated to a women's shelter. Each woman is given a new pillow at the shelter, but they don't have a pillow case. This way they get a new & inspiring pillow case. It was fun to see how creative the YW were.

 After the service project we went to the craft rotation at 3:15. The girls got to decorate little notebook/journals w/ duct tape. Then they got to make duct tape flower pens. After the craft rotation we went back to the cabin to have "personal reflection & journal time." Instead, we had one of the Beehives give us a devotional about faith. Then they each got a little flower charm that goes along w/ how "faith is like a little seed ... if planted it will grow." I'm impressed w/ Kaitlyn & how she read a general conference talk and put together a thoughtful & spiritual devotional.
 For dinner they had Hawaiian haystacks, salad, and cookies for dessert. The food has been really good so far. You can see the "love boxes" on the table against the wall. Each ward made a box for love notes & secret sister gifts. When we got to camp each girl was given a name of a girl in another ward, and they all brought small secret sister gifts to share w/ each other. It's been fun for them to stealthily leave a gift for their secret sisters. Plus, they love checking our box to see if anyone has been left a gift.
 After dinner we were all given time for the girls to practice their skit. Before camp we were all told to come prepared w/ a 5 minute skit that demonstrates one of the values in the "For The Strength Of Youth" booklet. Our girls chose to focus on the value of modesty. Halie was a "fashionista" and came into a clothing store to find a dress for a dance. 2 of the girls were mannequins and one was wearing a modest outfit and one was wearing an immodest outfit. The other 2 girls were an angel & a devil. The angel read from the FTSOY booklet about modesty, and the devil tried to persuade the fashionista to buy the immodest dress.

 Before the skits, we each got a cupcake. These aren't just any cupcakes ... they are made by Sis. L and she is a professional baker and is famous for her cupcakes. These were HEAVENLY & the frosting was even cold from being in the fridge. They were worth every.single.calorie!!!
It was fun to watch all of the different skits and see how creative each ward was. Some did acting skits and some did songs that they changed the lyrics to. It was fun having Sis. F (in the black shirt in the middle) drive up to camp to watch our girls perform their skit. For our evening devotional 2 of the girls did a lesson about charity. Then the girls got a charm that's a hand w/ a heart shape in the middle.

It was lights out at 10:00, and I had to go to another cabin since they planned on us just having 1 leader from our ward coming to camp. I got to bunk w/ the Stake Leaders. I was thankful to have a bed to sleep in, instead of having to sleep in my car! I went and showered before bed, and it was so nice to be clean after sweating all day. However, as soon as I got out of the shower I was sweaty again. YUCK!

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