Monday, June 13, 2016

Window Work

 On Saturday night when Autumn & I got home, she shut the back passenger door and the window went down and wouldn't go back up! I tried pulling the window back up but it was broken. So, I had to duct tape a trash bag over the window b/c it was supposed to rain. It looked so super ghetto, but it helped keep the rain out.
I went straight to the Ford dealership this morning to see if they could somehow fit me in to fix my window since I am driving up to Stake Beehive Camp tomorrow. They were able to fit me in, and I was hoping it had just come off of the track and was going to be a cheap fix. Nope, the whole electrical part was broken so it ended up being over $300!!!
Instead of being upset, I reminded myself of how BLESSED I am. First, that it happened when we were home and not when I was driving down the freeway at 75 mph to get Autumn. Second, it didn't rain yesterday or today so nothing got ruined or wet. Third, that I was able to get it fixed today. There are always POSITIVE things if I just look for them instead of focusing on the negative.
 Autumn isn't going to her daycare this summer, and instead Nate & Riannon are going to watch her for me. They offered, and it's a win-win situation. I pay them instead of daycare and am able to save A LOT of money that way. Plus, it gives them a little income and Autumn is a great helper w/ Olivia. Plus, this way Autumn gets to go do fun things instead of being stuck at daycare all summer. Nate was helping her work on her upper arm strength since she is going to be a "base" in cheer this year and will need to hold the "fliers" up.

 Instead of staying for FHE tonight we came home to eat dinner b/c I had a bunch of stuff I needed to get done for Stake Beehive Camp tomorrow. After I got all of that done, Autumn & I sat down on the couch to snuggle for a few minutes. She got her crocheting that Aunt Lexie taught her how to do. She was showing me how to do it, and she's really good! I took this pic and texted it to Aunt Jeri to show her that Autumn's practicing so she can be as good as Aunt Jeri. Autumn & I went to bed early since tomorrow is going to be a BIG DAY!

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