Friday, August 19, 2016

Boba Drinks & A Dive-In Movie

 Since school is starting next week, this is the last day that Nate & Riannon are watching Autumn for me. In celebration of the last day of summer, we all met up to get "Boba drinks." Boba are "tapioca balls and are derived from the starch of the cassava root."

 After dinner I was doing up dishes when Autumn came running out of her room and told me to hurry and come look at a lizard in her room. I went in, and there was a gecko on her wall. We LOVE geckos b/c they eat bugs, but I don't like it when they're INSIDE the house. So, I used Autumn's hamster ball to capture it and then took it and released it outside.

At 8:00 Donna & Abbey came over to pick us up for a "Dive-In Movie." The local pool was showing "Inside Out" and even though we've already seen it several times, we went more for the experience than anything else.

 The girls had fun going down the big water slide while Donna and I sat and visited. It was so great to catch up w/ her and hear about all her adventures since she got married and moved to California 2 months ago.

The girls kept begging for me to jump into the pool w/ them, so I finally gave in. It was COLD! I had fun swimming a couple laps and treading water for 10 minutes to get in some exercise and warm up b/c the water was so cold. The movie got over at 10:30, and we finally got home and climbed into bed at 11:00! It was a late night, but was so worth it.

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