Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Volleyball Practice & Pita

For mutual tonight we were all combined. The Beehives were in charge and we were going to do relay races w/ practical homemaking skills (sewing a button on a shirt, ironing an item of clothing, etc). But, we ended up playing volleyball so we could practice for the Stake Volleyball Tournament that is coming up soon. Bishop used to play volleyball competitively in high school & college, so we had him give us some pointers. The youth got progressively better the longer we played. Hopefully we'll be ready for the tournament!

I found another article about Pita. This guy is amazing ... he's a model and he also works with troubled youth! I love reading about what it's taken for him to get where he's at. I think that's true of all Olympic athletes ... we only get to see and judge them on a minuscule fraction of time that they're on TV. We don't see or hear about the hours, days, weeks, and YEARS that they sweat and work and sacrifice for those few minutes at the Olympic games. It's truly inspiring what they do.

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