Friday, September 9, 2016

Autumn's Herbst & Friday Night Fun

Autumn was THRILLED to finally get to go to her orthodontist appointment today. She has a 12 mm overbite, and her teeth just aren't as pretty as they could be. Today was just the consultation to see what needs to be done. She's going to have to get a Herbst Appliance and then we'll do braces once her overbite (over jet) is fixed.

 It's not going to be cheap, especially since I am paying for all of it out of pocket. She's not on my dental insurance b/c it costs more to have her on my dental insurance than what my insurance would cover! But, I've been saving up my money and went ahead and paid for it in full b/c I got a 5% discount if I did that. It's a huge investment, but one that will affect her for her whole life so it's more than worth it. They went ahead & got an imprint of her teeth (that's little pieces of plaster on her face) so they can send that to their lab to have her Herbst custom made. She was BEAMING and is so stinkin' excited.

 After work/school Mom called to see what our plans were. We didn't have any so she said we should meet to go to dinner. We ended up going to Cheddars. Mom got their Monte Cristo sandwich and it was HEAVENLY! They make the sandwich and then cover it in batter, deep fry it, dust it w/ powdered sugar, and serve it with jam! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

 At 6:30 I dropped Autumn off at a friend's house for a birthday party. The Mom said they would be done at 10:00 pm! The girls had a dance party, played games, watched a movie, and made friendship bracelets. These were the ADORABLE "parting gifts" they got when we left. It's just candy bars taped to a wooden skewer and then stuck into green foam for flowers that was in a paper cup w/ some tissue paper to cover the green foam.

 While Autumn was at her party Mom & I took full advantage of our freedom and went partying ... at WalMart. LOL. We went grocery shopping b/c we've got family coming into town tomorrow and we needed to stock up on groceries. It was SO FUN to just walk around WalMart w/ her. I can't express how happy I am that they are home.

We came home, put groceries away, played w/ Snapchat filters, talked, laughed, and had a great time. She really is my closest friend and I'm beyond thankful for her. I finally left at 9:40 to go pick up Autumn from the birthday party. We also took 3 other little girls home that live in the neighborhood. Autumn was so tired, but fell into bed so happy.

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Jen T said...

So glad you have your best friend back! Looks like lots of fun and that sandwich does sound heavenly! Yummy!