Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jana, Jill, Rick, & Keith

 Autumn & I got up early this morning & put together this "funeral kit." Our friend's mother passed away last week and the funeral is today. We can't go to the funeral, but we wanted to let them know we were thinking about them.

 Here's what we wrote inside the card. We tried to think of little things that would be helpful/useful on such a hard and emotional taxing day.

 After we dropped that off, we went to Autumn's cheer game. It had rained during the night but luckily the rain stopped before the game. The weather was nice, cloudy, windy, and just a tiny bit cold ... perfect football weather. Autumn's coach wasn't happy w/ how the girls were cheering so she had them all drop and give her 10 push ups.

 Anytime a player gets hurt, all the football players and cheerleaders take a knee. I'm glad they do that, b/c it teaches them kindness and respect.

 The ladies did a GREAT job cheering. I'm so happy Autumn gets to be involved in this and that she loves it so much. We were in charge of the snack this week so we brought Capri Suns, little bags of chips, and little bags of popcorn. We attached a little note to the popcorn that said, "Thanks for 'CHIP'-ping in today and making our team 'POP' with pride."

 After the game we hurried over to Papa & Mimi's b/c we couldn't wait to see Aunt Jill & Jana and Uncle Keith & Rick. They're here visiting for a few days, and they flew in this morning. For lunch we did a shrimp boil b/c it's so fun, fast, and it feeds a lot of people. After we ate, we went swimming and had a grand old time.

 We finally came in after a few hours b/c we were worn out and sunburned. We introduced the aunts & uncles to Snapchat and were laughing so hard! This is Autumn & Keith doing the face swap.

 This one of Rick & Olivia switching faces had us cracking up! Rick doesn't look too bad but Olivia is scary looking w/ a goatee.

 Olivia talked Papa into making a smoothie for her, and everyone else was happy to have some as well.

 For dinner we did sandwiches, chips, dip, and pumpkin pie. We LOVE the pumpkin pies from Costco. Aunt Jill wanted deviled eggs, so Nate & Aunt Jana worked on making those for her.

We watched the BYU/Utah game, and were yelling and cheering on the Cougars.

I got a text at 8:40 asking if we had a chaperone from our ward at the youth dance. I had dropped the ball w/ all I have going on, and hadn't assigned a YW leader to go. So, Autumn & I hurried home and changed clothes. I was just going to leave her home w/ Nick so she could go to bed but she insisted on coming. So, we rushed over to the church and sat near the back doors so no one came in our out that shouldn't. I looked like a HOT MESS b/c we had been swimming. I don't know why we needed to be there b/c there were more than enough chaperones. But, I'm thankful for the one-on-one time I got to spend w/ my Autumn Girl. We got home at 11:00 and went straight to bed!

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