Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Night Lights

 Tonight we came home, scarfed down some dinner, and then went and picked up the sister missionaries at 6:15. They're allowed to go to 1 football game during their mission if they go with an investigator. We dropped them off at the stadium, went and parked the car, and went to our seats. Look who stopped by to say hi! :) No need to fear w/ the best police officer around looking after all of us at the football game.

 The halftime show is always impressive b/c we have the biggest Escadrille in the world. I have 7 young women that are either play in the band (2) are on the drill team (2) or do flag core (3). We always try to look for them when they walk past where we're sitting to get ready to go out on the field.

Officer J stopped by during the halftime show to say hi. We're so stinkin' PROUD of him! Autumn & I stayed through the first half of the 4th quarter, but then we left so we could beat the traffic. It was a late night, but was SO.MUCH.FUN, especially since our team won!

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