Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My First Eagle Board Of Review

 Tonight for our activity the Beehives were in charge and we did some homemaking relay games. We split the YW up into 4 teams and they were each given a packet w/ instructions. There were different stations they had to go to as a group and pass things off. For example, I got to help out in the kitchen stations. They came in and were given an empty grocery bag w/ a list of items to buy. They then had to go "shopping" for the items from a "pantry" we had created. They then told me about a few different meals they could make w/ those items.

The next station was cooking & cleaning. They had to wash their hands and then help to create fruit pizzas for dessert. The first group made the cream cheese frosting, the 2nd group cut up the fruit, the 3rd group frosted and decorated the cookies, and the 4th group had to set the table and serve the fruit pizzas.

A few of the other stations the YW had to pass through were child care, budgeting, building a home centered on Christ (they built a lego house), etc. On each item they were supposed to complete there was a great quote about how important each of those things are. It was a great activity & I know it took a lot of preparation and hard work ahead of time to pull it off and make it a success.

 I had to leave the activity a little early to sit in on Gideon's Eagle Board of Review. I've never done one before and had to do some research online to find out what was expected of me. It was a great experience, and I'm so super PROUD of him, b/c scouting hasn't been a natural thing for him. He's had to struggle to get to where he's at, and it was great to ask him questions and hear the growth that he's experienced.

Autumn is AN ANGEL, and just sat out in the foyer playing games on my phone while I was in that meeting. I'm so BLESSED that she's mine.

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