Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trip To Austin

 Autumn & I left the house early this morning so we could go over to Papa & Mimi's and drop off her clothes and things she'll need for the next few days. We got to school 10 minutes early, so I parked the car and we sat and talked for a little bit and then I walked her into school. I've had this feeling that something bad might happen to me while I'm gone, so I wanted to spend as much time w/ her as I could. I totally cried when I got back to my car.

 I worked a normal day until 4:00 when my boss & I left to drive down to Austin for a 2 day training on some new software we'll be using at work. We stopped at this rest stop, which was cool b/c these grain silos have been converted into restrooms.

 We HAD.TO. STOP at Buc-ee's b/c my boss had never been there before. It was worth it to break my diet in order to have their melty ham sandwich. I also had to buy a few bags of beaver nuggets (they taste just like a waffle covered in maple syrup).

 We got checked into our hotel, and I was so excited to have 2 whole beds all to myself!

I called to FaceTime w/ Autumn and see how she was doing. When she answered, she was SOBBING! Papa was making her do homework and she was overwhelmed and frustrated. Luckily Mimi saved the day and helped her get it done. I just stayed in my hotel room all night and watched TV. I feel like I'm starting to get sick, so I went to bed at 10:00.

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