Saturday, October 29, 2016

Exciting El Salvador Excursions ~ Day 3

 We got up this morning and went back over to the San Salvador temple for Nick & Savi's sealing. They were so excited that it's FINALLY here!!!

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! They are sealed together for time AND all eternity. CONGRATS! The sealing was very beautiful and spiritual.

 Savi's family came after the sealing for pictures. It was fun having Flora, Mark, & Mark's parents there as well. After we got a bunch of pictures, we took Savi's family into the temple lobby where one of the temple presidency came and talked to them and showed them a video about families.

 Everyone split and went their separate ways, b/c Savi had a lot of things she still needed to get done for the reception tonight. We drove over to the mall and ended up having lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. Then we went to a grocery store in the mall to get a few things we needed.

 Everyone took a little nap and then we left at 3:30 for the ring ceremony & reception. We had to drive up a DEATH road to get to the location! It had to have been at a 45 degree angle and I thought we were going to die! We were in a stick shift 15 passenger van and the van stalled out on the first attempt up the first part of the incline. We had to slowly roll backwards into traffic to give it enough punch to try again. Luckily Dad is an AMAZING driver and he got us there safe and sound. I would have parked at the bottom of the mountain, started crying, and walked up to the location. YIKES!!!

 But, the view was actually very beautiful. It overlooked the whole valley so in the end I guess it was worth it.

 Poor Nick was a complete wreck b/c he is deathly afraid of heights. We got some pictures, walked around, talked to other wedding guests, and waited ... and waited ... and WAITED! We were supposed to start at 4:30, and at 5:00 someone said they were able to get a hold of Savi and she was still getting her hair and makeup done! At one point Nick sat down in this chair to wait. In order to lighten the mood and break the tension, Nate went over and sat next to Nick and pretended to be Savi. LOL!

 Savi wanted to have butterflies released at the wedding, but it was getting dark and cold so we had to release them before she got there. These 2 big ones wouldn't fly b/c it was too cold. Dad was able to hold them on his hand. I love how their facing each other. We said this was Nick & Savi.

 Since we had to wait for AN HOUR AND A HALF before Savi showed up, Mom busted out these fun photo booth props. Nate & I had fun joking around and being silly.

 Savi had told us that it was going to be a ring ceremony, but it ended up being a Catholic service for her family. Poor Nick was so tense when the Catholic priest dipped a wafer into a goblet filled w/ wine and put it in his mouth. But, he held it together and did a great job.

 They've now been married three times ... first civilly, then sealed in the temple, and now this Catholic service. LOL! They were both BEAMING and we are so THRILLED for them.

 We were worried what the reception was going to be like b/c Nick had said they were considering doing a Corpse Bride/Day of the Dead theme. But, it was super elegant and super nice! I LOVED how they had nostalgic photos of both of them on display.

 The tables & place settings were beautiful. The food was really good too.

 Their first dance as a married couple was so tender and sweet!

 The happy couple!

I am NOT a dancer at all, but I was out there most of the time cuttin' a rug. It was SO.MUCH.FUN and the music was awesome. The dance floor was full the whole entire time. There's something about Latino culture & music that makes you want to dance.

Nate was A TRIP and made the dance party so fun. We even got the wait staff to join us for most of it. It was just A BLAST, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We definitely PARTIED HARD!!! We finally called it a night at 10:00 b/c we still had to drive down the mountain and get home. It was so weird to leave Nick there w/ Savi. They were going to a hotel for their honeymoon.

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