Friday, October 28, 2016

Exciting El Salvador Excursions ~ Day 2

Goooooooood morning, world! So cool to wake up to this and get to check my Facebook out on the patio next to the pool. 

We had breakfast, got cleaned up, and were ready to head to the temple. We're missing having Lexie with us, but she wasn't feeling up to coming.

We got there early, so we walked around the temple and got "interesting" pictures.

We also walked over to the distribution center that is on the same property as the temple. There was a SUPER TENDER moment between Mom & Nate that I had to snap a picture of.

The San Salvador temple is beautiful both inside & out. We liked how these palm trees around the temple had "lightning rods" in the middle of them.


Sibling Selfie!!!

Savi went through the temple for the first time and got her own endowments. It was weird to have to wear headsets and listen to the endowment session in English, since it's played in Spanish here. It was so neat to be together in the celestial room together. 

We're SO HAPPY for Nick & Savi and hope they make attending the temple a priority and a regular thing.

It has been so fun to have Nate here. We just laugh and joke and have a great time together. It wouldn't be the same without him.

We were so hungry by this point, so instead of going out into the city to try and find something to eat, we stayed and ate at the cafeteria on the temple grounds.

We wanted to see where Savi lives, so we dropped her off and went inside for a little bit. It was interesting! She had A LOT of stuff she needed to finalize before the reception tomorrow.

We got about 1/2 a block away and Mom found Savi's cellphone sitting on the car seat. Since a lot of the roads are one way, it was easier for Nick to walk the phone back to her apartment. He couldn't go alone b/c he'd get lost so Nate & I went w/ him. Nate kept teasing him & pretending to pinch his bummy. I LOVE this pic I snapped of the 2 of them. They look like GQ Gents.

We got back to the house and it was too hot to stay inside since there's no A/C. So, Dad & Nate & I went outside and stuck our feet in the pool. I told Nate to go sit on the other side w/ Dad so I could get a picture. He didn't want to get out so he just "walked" like this to the other side. I told him it looks like he's on the pummel horse in the Olympics. LOL!

I wanted a pic of them w/ their feet in the pool and the city/hills behind them.

Nate is such a GOOBER and kept doing these silly poses when I was trying to take pics.

I can't believe he got all the way into the pool, b/c it was COLD!!! I went in the house and laid down to take a small siesta while Dad & Nate had "the talk" with Nick.

We went & picked up Savi & her sister Sofia to go walk around the streets in Santa Tecla. They have the streets blocked off and vendors have tents set up to sell all sorts of things. Nate was SO EXCITED to find some really good horchata.

I have seen these corn on the cob on a stick online and it always looks so good. So, when I saw one I had to give it a try. I am sad to report that it was NASTY! The corn wasn't cooked, the mayo had been sitting out too long and was gross (I hope I don't get the firey water poops from eating a bite). It also had some ketchup, BBQ sauce, and cheese on it. I ended up just throwing it away b/c it wasn't worth eating.

I liked this colorful wall and told everyone to go stand by it so I could get a picture. At the last second, Nate turned around to face the wall. It looks like he's peeing! SO NAUGHTY!!!

Nick & Savi were holding hands, and then Savi reached out and held her sister Sofia's hand. So, Nate felt left out and went and held Nick's hand! LOL! 

We looked around at a bunch of the items the vendors were sharing. We didn't see anything we really wanted until we got to this guy. He had all these wire bracelets made into names or sayings. He didn't have "Autumn" or "Olivia" so Dad asked him if he could make them. He did, and they were done in about 5 minutes. They were only $2 each!!! It was fascinating to stand there and watch him twist and bend the wire so fast. SUPER TALENTED!

This guy was doing caricatures for just $1, so I got mine done. Not bad for just $1 and 5 minutes. I told him to make me look skinny. LOL!

We stopped and got this plate of food, but it did NOT look appetizing to me. It was fried plantains, that stuff that tastes like a Subway store smells, some other stuff, and then they put anchovies on top. YUCK!

The best part of the night was when we were walking back to the car and we noticed that the last booth was making these bagel burgers. As soon as Nate saw all the meat and melty cheese that they put on the bagel we had to stop and get one. We asked Savi & Sofia how to say "crispy bits" b/c after this guy would let the cheese melt, he would scrape off the good crispy parts and throw it away! We wanted him to save it and put it on our burgers.

This burger was MASSIVE and to put it over the edge and make it even more outlandish he put chips on top before handing it to us!!!

Look at all the ooey gooey melty cheese and goodness. You can see some of the sauce on Nate's chin b/c it was so messy. It was mixed meat (beef, chicken, & pork) cooked in teryaki sauce. Then the guy put ketchup, mustard, mayo, ranch dressing, and Caesar dressing on it. I think it's one of the best hamburgers I've ever had b/c of how juicy and cheesy and messy it was.

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