Saturday, October 1, 2016

General Conference Saturday

I told the girls last night as I was tucking them in that if they woke up before 8:00, that they should NOT wake me up, and that they could just get some cereal for breakfast and watch cartoons. Well, an Amber Alert went off on my phone at 7:00 that scared the crap out of all of us. So, we got up and went to our favorite doughnut place for breakfast.

 We came home and the girls did rainbow looms and played w/ the Robo hamsters. Waverly was able to hold and pet both of them, which was a fun surprise! Autumn said she wanted to give Turbo (the faster of the 2 hamsters) to Waverly. I told her I'd have to discuss it w/ Waverly's Dad at the football game.

I had them get ready for the game at 9:00, and they ran through a couple of their routines a few times. 

 We had the sign for the football players to run through this time. So much fun, and no one tripped and fell this time.

 The skies were so pretty today, and the weather was great for fall football.

 This picture CRACKS ME UP b/c a football player from the other team wasn't in his team huddle and just stood and watched our girls cheer. LOL.

 Since it's October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), our girls wore their hot pink bows and used their hot pink pom poms. Liz did an AWESOME job on the signs by making the "i's" into pink ribbons.

 After the game we headed straight over to Mom & Dad's to watch General Conference. We set up our 15 treats w/ pictures of the 15 Apostles. Then, when that apostle speaks we get to eat that treat. It's a fun tradition that we started several years ago, and it really helps Autumn to listen and be excited about conference. Side note: that Patti LaBelle peach cobbler was DIVINELY DELICIOUS! One of my visiting teachers gave it to me and I probably gained 2 lbs just eating that this weekend.

 Life doesn't get much better than listening to General Conference w/ a brand new baby asleep on your chest! Dad was in 7th Heaven.

 For lunch inbetween sessions we had pulled pork sandwiches, a yummy salad, and corn/bean salsa w/ chips. We are so happy Nate got special permission to come over and eat w/ us. He went back to work today after having time off for Spencer's birth.

 After lunch Dad has something out in the garage that he wanted to show us. It was this really long snake skin that he found in the yard when he was doing yard work! YIKES! I'd had to run into the snake that shed this skin!

Olivia was NOT about to touch the snake skin or even go near it. She was like, "NUH-UH! No thank you!"

 We got the dishes done up, and then settled in for the 2nd session of Saturday General Conference. This time it was Mom's turn to be in 7th Heaven w/ Spencer asleep on her chest. I'm pretty sure she dozed off a few times b/c there is no way the snores we heard could have come out of Spencer's little body. LOL!

 Autumn was such a good helper w/ keeping Olivia entertained. She made her this comfy little bed. We had hopes that they would both lay down and fall asleep if they held still for 5 minutes, but that didn't happen. But, they had fun playing together. 

 I had ordered some pictures for my Project Life book at WalMart, so when Dad left for Priesthood session I went to WalMart to pick up the pictures. The other ladies stayed home to watch the next few episodes of Poldark (I've already seen them). The sunset was SO PRETTY tonight!

I took Olivia w/ me b/c she was going stir crazy and needed to get out. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway she started crying and saying she wanted her Mama, but I kept going b/c I figured she might fall asleep. I was right. She was out like a light in just a few minutes. She even stayed asleep when I got her out of her carseat and walked into WalMart. I had to wait for 18 minutes for someone to come help me get my pictures! I was about to walk back behind the counter and just get them b/c I could see them sitting back there all packaged up, and I had already paid for them. I was so annoyed b/c Olivia was getting really heavy and she was like a FURNESS! We were both sweating like crazy.

She woke up when we got out in the parking lot, and was super happy and pleasant on the drive home. We watched the 2nd episode of Poldark Season 2, and then finally called it a night at 9:30. What a FUN General Conference Saturday!!!

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Jen T said...

What could be better than watching conference with a sweet new baby sleeping on you? Those pictures are so precious! Glad you had a good conference weekend! Love the cheer photos!