Friday, September 30, 2016

A&W's Sleepover

After I picked Autumn up from school today, we went to Winco to get some treats from their bulk bins for General Conference tomorrow. Then we went & picked up Waverly at 7:00 so the girls could have a sleepover. We got pizza for dinner, and then after they ate they made some beaded bracelets while watching Annie.

 After the bracelets, the girls went in my bathroom & did each other's makeup and hair. They look like they could be sisters, huh?

 After that, they decided they wanted to bake something. So, I helped them to make a chocolate cake. While that baked they watched TV and did more beaded bracelets.

 We didn't have any frosting, or cream cheese so they just made butter cream frosting. They wanted it to be chocolate to go w/ the chocolate cake so they added some cocoa powder until it tasted good. I think they also added some caramel sauce. I'm proud of them for being creative and using what we had to make up their own concoction. They had a great time decorating the cake & spelling out Coach G's name in gummy bears.

I finally told them they had to go to sleep at 11:30 pm! It was great for Autumn to have a friend over to keep her entertained. I was able to organize and file away in my scrapbook all of the piles and piles and piles of paper that had been covering my kitchen table. It felt so good to get that DONE!

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