Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Night Lights

 For dinner we went over to Mom & Dad's and had leftover rouladen and Mom had also made Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. We stopped at Z's house to drop off some chocolate ice cream to her. We had to snap a pic w/ Jack and text it to Ashley to let her know we love and miss her.

 I dropped Autumn off for her 30 minute warm up before the game. While she was doing that I did some speed walking around the park. It felt good to get in some light exercise. The football players had fun running through the sign, but one of them tripped and fell! WHOOPS!

 We love Monday Night Lights, b/c it's more fun. It's a very different feeling & energy at evening games. This is our only one this year.

 The girls did great! We were annoyed that the cheerleaders for the other team took their sweet time getting out onto the field during 1/2 time, so we weren't able to do our full halftime routine. Oh, well.

 I prefer games at the stadium b/c we're up on bleachers and can see the field and watch the game easily. But, having a game at the fields is fun b/c we can go out on the field after the game. We all ran out there and made a tunnel for the players to run through. It was actually a great game that I watched, b/c we scored and beat the only team in our division that has never had a team score or beat them. WOOT WOOT!

 Everyone was loud & cheering, not just the cheerleader parents. The girls did a wonderful job doing their halftime performance for the football players after the game.

 My cute little cheerleader. Papa came to watch the game, which made Autumn feel so special and important.

GO LIONS!!! It was such a high energy game. We came home, Autumn went to bed, and I stayed up until 1:30 am scanning pictures. I had no idea it was so late!!! I just get into a groove and get lost in it.

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Jen T said...

Looks like a fun game! Love all the shots and you look really good!