Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Car Battery & A Picture Project Of Epic Proportions

 My boss said I could leave an hour early today b/c he needed me to go and drop off a check to someone. That was a huge tender mercy, b/c my car wouldn't start! Luckily, I work close to an auto repair shop, so I walked over and asked them if they had a car battery tester. They didn't, but they were able to use a little handheld machine thing to give my battery enough of a charge to start. So, I went and dropped off the check for my boss (I kept my car running) and then I went straight to the nearest Auto Zone.

Chris came out to help me and sure enough, my battery was bad. So, I bought a new one and he had it installed for me in about 15 minutes. I was SO RELIEVED to have it taken care of so quickly and that there wasn't a bigger problem.

For dinner we went to Mom & Dad's house to meet up w/ Nate & Riannon. Mom & Dad had some food in the fridge that needed to be eaten before it went bad, so we ate dinner over there. After dinner I was looking for a wedding picture of Mom & Dad, and both sets of grandparents. Nick needs them to display at his wedding. I didn't find what I needed, but I ended up starting a MAMMOTH project. I am taking 5 big plastic containers of all the pictures Mom & Dad had at their house and I'm organizing them! At first I did piles for each person in our family (like school pictures, etc). Then if they were just normal pictures of things we've done or places we've gone, I organized them by year. It's been AWESOME to see some old pics of Mom & Dad that I've never seen before. I also enjoyed listening to Christmas music while I worked. Memories are my love language, so this was fabulous!

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