Friday, November 25, 2016

Disney On Ice & A Christmas Tree Lighting

 It was so nice to sleep in today and recover from all the fun of the past few days. We got cleaned up for the day & went to In-N-Out for an early lunch. I've converted Autumn over to getting an "animal style" hamburger. It's so good! I get my "protein style" so it's just wrapped in lettuce and there's no bun.

 Then we met up w/ Cheryl, Tricia, & Stacey for Disney On Ice!

 The set is so gorgeous and they really do a great job w/ the lighting & costumes & acting.

 Cinderella's carriage w/ 4 white horses was awesome!

 My very favorite part of the whole thing was when Rapunzel & Flynn Rider would "fly." They had these long yellow pieces of fabric that came down from the rafters to symbolize her hair. They would wrap the fabric around their arms and bodies and go FLYING through the air! They were so high up and it was so magical. I even got goosebumps b/c of how neat it was. WOW!!! You could hear audible gaps and oohs and aahs.

 The princesses that were showcased were Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella, & Rapunzel. I loved all the floating lanterns that came down from the rafters. At the end they had a BUNCH of Disney princesses & their princes come out and skate. It was so pretty b/c they were all wearing white. Autumn's favorite was Jasmine, b/c she was showing off her belly button. Oh dear! It was such an amazing show & I'm so thankful Autumn & I were able to go.
 We went over to Papa & Mimi's house to see what everyone was up to. Autumn ended up laying down on the couch for a little while and taking a power nap. We ate, hung out, watched football, and enjoyed being together.

 Savi & I took the kids to get them out of the house and have some fun. We went to McDonald's to have a quick dinner, and then we were off to have an adventure.

 We found a parking spot and started walking around while we waited for the tree lighting. Last year's was really basic, so I was surprised when we got to the center of town to see a full on carnival happening.

 I went & bought some tickets so the kids & Savi could ride the carousel.

Then we made our way over to the Christmas tree to find a good spot before they lit it. 

We wiggled our way up the stairs of the building and actually had a GREAT spot for the tree lighting. We were super close to it, and it was so pretty when we counted down and they flipped the switch!
 After that, we made our way over to the ferris wheel b/c Jackson wanted to ride it. This is a view of the area from the top of the ferris wheel.

 Jackson looks scared here, but he was actually LOVING it!!!

 We had so much fun (Savi & Andrew didn't want to ride it), and even put our hands up every time we'd reach the top and start going down.

 Next we made our way over to the candy shop to get a big bag of confetti popcorn. It was all of the fruity flavors mixed together. We took a little break and sat on the curb to rest our legs and enjoy our treat.

 We walked around some more and even found The Grinch in Whoville.

 I made the kids stop and get a picture on this cool wooden branch bench. I LOVED the bench as soon as I saw it, b/c it's so unique.

 There was a concert going on, so we stopped and listened, sang along, and danced to a few songs before leaving. It was 8:00 by this time and Savi was tired. So, we dropped her off and made one more stop.

 I had promised the kids that we could go to the Texas shaped maze & singing Christmas tree. I just sat on a bench and watched while they ran around the maze, played tag, and then danced around the Christmas tree.

We finally called it a night at 9:30 and came home. Papa helped Jackson floss & brush his teeth before bed. Autumn & I ended up spending the night so that Mom & Dad can watch Autumn for me while I go to the temple in the morning. What a day!!!

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