Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

 We got up this morning, got ready for the day, went over to Mom & Dad's to load up all the food, and then we headed to Aunt Sandy & Uncle Robert's house. Uncle Robert was in charge of the games to keep the kids occupied and out of the house while we finished up the food. The first game he had organized for the kids is what he calls "cow." They lined up and then he'd have them take off running & he would try to "rope" one of them. SO FUNNY!!!

 Nate even got a turn at being the cowboy and was able to rope Caleb the Cow & pull him in. 

While that was going on, the adults sat around the fire pit and discussed life, politics, etc. 

 Papa even got in on the action and Nate helped to tie up Shane the Cow. I have an AWESOME slow motion video of Papa capturing Jackson. It's SO COOl in slow motion.

 Nate must be really good, b/c he captured all the cows in one fell swoop. LOL!

 After the "cow" game, it was time to let the kids play w/ darts. They nailed a balloon into the grass and the kids had to throw darts at the balloon to try and pop it. But, the darts were just plastic and even if they hit the balloon, they would just bounce off. But the kids still gave it the "old college try."

 At the end of all the fun & games, Uncle Robert had a treat box that the kids could choose 2 items from. I love how Savi snuck in line and looks like one of the kids.

 Here is our delicious Thanksgiving spread: a veggie tray, chips & dip, turkey, El Salvadorian rice, stuff, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes & gravy. YUM!!!

 While everyone was gathered around, she gave instructions on where to do and where to sit. It's SO NICE of her & Uncle Robert to host so many people!

 Since the weather was so nice, the kids got to eat outside on the patio.

 Heather & the little girls sat at the picnic table inside (we didn't trust the little ones to be outside alone w/ the older kids and the swimming pool).

 The AWESOME, FUN, COOL kids table.

 The "older" people's table

 We were laughing how Brooke & Autumn are almost as tall, or taller than Savi & Riannon. We'll have to take another picture like this next year and see how much Brooke & Autumn have grown.

 We had SO MANY PIES!!! My favorite one was the chocolate mousse one that Tyler made, as well as the chocolate cheesecake that Sherri made. So worth every single calorie!

 After all the kids were hopped up on sugar, Aunt Sandy said we needed to get them out of the house. So, we loaded up and went over to the farm. We nailed some balloons to the ground for the next fun activity.

 Then we busted out the BB guns and aimed at the balloons.

 Autumn wanted NOTHING to do w/ the guns and chose instead to just hang out on the tree swing.

 Papa was eventually able to talk her into trying it just once. She hesitantly shot at a tree one time and was DONE!

 It was a Thanksgiving miracle that no one accidentally got shot! LOL.

 After all the balloons had been popped & cleaned up, it was time for the zip line. Uncle Robert is so great to stand up on the ladder as the kids took turn after turn after turn riding the zipline.

 Autumn didn't like being up at the top of the ladder, but had a blast once the swing started going. She even went on it a few more times.

 We eventually left and went back to the house to watch the 2nd half of the Cowboys football game. We also grazed on left overs and pie. I had to get a group picture before we all left to go our separate ways.

 When we got home, a guy in the ward came over to have Dad remove a fishing hook he had gotten stuck in his finger. OUCH!

 I was so excited, b/c Dad hasn't done "surgery" at the kitchen table in a while. He's still got it and was able to numb the finger and get the hook out within just a few minutes. GO DAD!

It was a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. I tried to enjoy the day & not think about the fact that for next year's Thanksgiving, Mom & Dad will be back in South Africa. SNIFF SNIFF! I have SO MUCH to be thankful for, and it was great to take time this week to focus on those blessings.

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