Saturday, December 3, 2016

Nativity Cleanup Of 2016

 Autumn & I got up this morning and met up w/ our friends to go and help make meals for the homeless. It was rainy, and the inside was PACKED! Luckily, it quit raining so we were able to go outside and find some room to work.

 When it was all said & done, everyone today helped make 9,065 sandwiches!!! That's so awesome, and I'm so glad we're able to participate in doing service. It's great to work alongside people from all walks of life, religions, backgrounds, etc. Everyone is just there to serve and be helpful. LOVE IT!

 Of course we had to stop and get some Mexican food for an early lunch while we're in the area.

 Then we went to one of my favorite jewelry stores since we hadn't been there in a while. Autumn was THRILLED to get one of these soft puff things to go on her backpack. I guess they're ALL THE RAGE right now. She decided on purple since that was Rufio's favorite color.

 We came home, did some organizing, got cleaned up, and then Mom came and picked Autumn up. Liz had invited me to go see The Nutcracker ballet w/ her. It ended up not being that great b/c it was just a bunch of kids. The main parts were good, but the rest was just OK. At least Liz & I had fun being together. I just love her to pieces and am so thankful for her friendship.

 I dropped her off & then went to Mom & Dad's to have some dinner and get ready to go take down the nativities. We had to get a pic of Autumn & Savi b/c they look like twinners w/ their dark hair, glasses, and height.

 Mom displayed 148 of her nativities this year, and that's not even all of the ones she owns. Luckily, she gets her own section so we don't have to go and hunt them down all over the gym. But, it still takes SEVERAL of us to pack them all back up.

 I'm really bitter against the nativity b/c it's SO MUCH WORK, but we survived the Nativity Cleanup of 2016!

 But once we get home, the work's not done. We still have to carry them in the house, up the stairs, and store them back in the attic until next year. Autumn & I got in a good workout tonight by carrying these bins up the stairs. WHEW!

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