Friday, December 2, 2016

Nick & Savi As Mary & Joseph

 The nativity that our church puts on started today, and I was asked to find some youth to be Mary & Joseph for the "live" nativity from 1:00 - 2:00 pm today. The only problem is that during that time all of our youth are in school. So, I asked Nick & Savi if they would do it.

 They said yes, and Mom went and took pics of them. They looked GREAT! Everyone thought it would be a really neat & spiritual experience for them to do together as newlyweds. But, when I asked them about it tonight they both said they would NEVER do it again! LOL.

 Nick said that the costumes were too tight and itchy.

 Savi said it was uncomfortable and hurt her back to sit there on those hard chairs for so long. Oh, well. At least they LOOKED the part! 

 After work, Autumn & I went over there to say hi to Papa. He was an "ambassador" which means he just helped people get around and answer questions. He was posted outside the gym as people left so he told them thanks for coming & Merry Christmas. His 2 hour shift was almost over, so Autumn & I walked around a little bit to look at nativities and then left to go over to Mom & Dad's for dinner.

We had a huge miracle & tender mercy happen. It was raining, so the roads were wet. We were approaching an intersection and the light was green, and had been green for a long time. Well, a car turning left decided they were tired of waiting and turned right as we got to the intersection. I SLAMMED on my breaks and I have no idea how we didn't hit that car. We must have missed hitting them by mere inches. I'm so thankful we didn't spin out or slide b/c the roads were so wet. We were very blessed!

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