Friday, December 16, 2016

Neighborhood Walk About

 Today still felt like fall, b/c the leaves are still changing colors and falling. However, we're supposed to get a MAJOR cold front tomorrow so it will feel like winter. I snapped this pic while taking Luna out on a walk today.
 As soon as I got done with work and got to Mom & Dad's house, I could tell everyone was a little stir crazy. So, we decided to get out of the house and go on a walk around the neighborhood.

 I'm glad we did, b/c the kids were able to run around and burn off some energy and be loud. Plus, we got to see this gorgeous sunset!

 Adam had a blast just hanging out in the wagon and having people try to get him. I was proud of myself, b/c I even jogged a few times while on our walk and I wasn't completely winded like I usually would have been!

 We got back to the house, and the boys decided to "squish Autumn like a june bug" while Mom & I got dinner ready. After dinner we watched a Christmas movie together as a family.

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