Saturday, December 17, 2016

Temple, Leaves, Missionaries, & White Elephant Gift Party

 This morning Autumn & I got up and went to Costco right as it opened so I could get 2 new front tires for my car. However, they didn't have them in stock so they have to order them and will install them once they get in. We came home, I changed clothes, and we went to Mom & Dad's. Mom watched the kids while Dad, Lexie, & I went to the temple to do a session. That was neat for it to be Dad & his 2 girls.

 On the drive home, we could actually see & feel the cold front hit. It was 68 degrees when we took the picture at the temple, and by the time we got home and took the kids outside to play it was 52!!! Autumn wanted to rake leaves and then jump in them, so we got out a few rakes.

 We didn't stay outside very long b/c the wind was so bitterly cold and miserable. Jackson's crossed eyes in this pic cracks me up!

 The kids wanted me to take a "slow motion" video of them jumping & playing in the leaves. It was really fun for the 5 minutes we were out there, but then it got way too cold so we gave up and went back inside.

 At 5:00 Autumn & I met the missionaries at a BBQ place for dinner. I usually don't sign up to feed them, b/c they need to be fed at 5:00 & I'm at work. Plus, they can't come to our house since I'm a single sister. But, it worked out that a slot opened up for tonight and we were able to feed them and have a good dinner w/ a good message. We were the only ones in the restaurant, so we were able to talk and have a good time. I remember how hard it is to be a missionary, and I'm so thankful for them and their hard work & dedication to sharing the happy news of the Gospel.

 I dropped Autumn off at the babysitter's house and then went to the annual White Elephant Christmas party. It keeps getting bigger & bigger every year & is so much fun! There were about 90 people there this year!

 We were supposed to wear ugly Christmas sweaters, but I don't do sweaters. So I wore my happy birthday scrub top and crown since we're celebrating Jesus's birthday. I was one of the last people to go, so I stole this gift from someone else. I told everyone I needed it b/c he's "buff & brown" which is how I like my men. LOL!!! It was a great party and I had a wonderful time.

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