Saturday, January 14, 2017

Autumn's Early Birthday Party

 Last week Autumn told me she wanted to have a birthday party. I wasn't planning on one this year, but I texted the Mom's of a few of her friends and asked if they could come to a small party this Saturday. They were available, so I threw something together quick. Everyone got one of these chef hats from the $1 store, and I thought they looked SO CUTE!

 Then I had them split into 2 groups so they had room to work and they each made a batch of Never Fail Sugar Cookies. I love this recipe, b/c you don't have to wait and refrigerate the dough.

 As you can see, things got a little messy but they were having a blast! After we baked the cookies we went to lunch at Costco. What was I thinking to go there on a Saturday afternoon??? We got a HUGE pizza and each girl also got a drink and a churro. We almost got hit by another car as we were leaving but they missed us by an inch!!!

 We went to the $1 Store, and each girl got to pick out 2 items to take home as their "lovely parting gift." They all got candy/treats as if they hadn't had enough sugar already w/ the sugar cookies and churros. LOL!

 We came home and they started decorating their cookies. I had a brilliant idea at the $1 Store of how to send the decorated cookies home w/ them. I bought these baskets & put a paper towel in the bottom of each one. Then they could put their decorated cookies in there and they wouldn't get messed up or spill out onto the floor of the car.

 We stuck 2 candles in one of the sugar cookies and sang happy birthday to Autumn, and then she made a wish and blew out her candles.

 As you can see, the girls had A LOT of fun!!! I'm so thankful that Autumn has such good friends, and I hope and pray that she will continue to have good friends when she hits those rough teenage years! We dropped the girls off at home and then went to the grocery store to get a few things for lunches next week and some treats for my spiritual thought in ward council tomorrow.

After all of that, we came home and put away groceries, cleaned up the mess, ate dinner, and vegged on the couch while watching movies. Mom came over at 7:30 so I could go and chaperone a youth dance from 8:00 - 10:30. I always pick the slot of sitting at the north entrance to the church and making sure no one comes in those doors. It's great b/c it's usually quiet and I take my laptop and just edit pics and update my blog. WHAT.A.DAY!!!

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Jen T said...

What a fun party! I will have to try that recipe. Sounds good. You cannot put a price on good friends for your kids. What a blessing!