Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Snap Chat Filters

Since church is now at a later time, we had our monthly YW pres meeting before church today. It was nice to not have one in December since we didn't have a lot going on. But it felt good to get "back to business as usual." I'm glad I got all the calendars & schedules & spreadsheets of what's going on and who's doing what updated before the New Year. It's good to start of the new year with plans in place. I LOVE the women I serve with. They're truly incredible and have so much love for the young women in our ward.

After church, I had BYC and Autumn was an ANGEL! She just sat out in the lobby and waited for an hour while we had our meeting. She didn't mind, b/c she got to play games on my phone. She's such a trooper to deal with all that is required of me in this calling. 

After church we came home, changed into jammies, had dinner, and then relaxed. We also had fun playing around w/ this cool filter on Snap Chat.

This picture makes her look too grown up & gorgeous. I'm in BIG trouble when she's older and can start dating. I'm so blessed that she's mine and that I'm hers. She tells me all the time not to lose more weight (I still am) b/c she likes how "fluffy" and comfortable I am when we snuggle on the couch. LOL!

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