Saturday, January 7, 2017

Movie, Jewelry, & Family

It was SO NICE to sleep in this morning. I'm still getting over that wretched lingering couch & sore throat. Autumn & I got up, got ready, and went to lunch at Wendy's. Then we went and saw "Hidden Figures." It's about Katharine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, & Mary Jackson working at NASA back in the 1960's. It's a little bit slow, but is definitely worth watching. There were some funny moments, some infuriating moments, and some powerful tear-jerking moments. It sparked a great discussion between me and Autumn when we got out to the car. She had a lot of questions and we were able to talk through them. It was eye opening for her to realize that if she had lived back then she would have been discriminated against since she's half American Indian and half white. I explained to her that her Dad & I most likely wouldn't have even met or gotten married if we had lived back then b/c it wasn't acceptable. I'm so thankful that times and attitudes and prejudices have changed. We also talked about how there is still racism, sexism, etc and what we can do to help change that.

 We stopped by the $1 Jewelry Store and I found all these Type 3 treasures for just $1 each!!! SCORE! Then we went to Winco to get a few groceries. We just LOVE that store b/c of their bulk item section. Then we came home, put groceries away, cleaned up some leaves in the yard, and spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching movies.

 Mom's sisters and their spouses got together today. I'm so glad that they're taking pictures and sending them to me. They went out to lunch and then went back to Aunt Jill's house to play games and have fun together.

Of course they had to do a puzzle as well. I'm jealous that I don't get to be there and hang out w/ everyone. But, I'm so happy for them. They get major brownie points for taking pics and texting them to me.

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