Monday, February 6, 2017

Deliveries & A Jazz Concert

 It's so fun (most of the time) having Luna in the office. It's great, b/c I usually take her out in the afternoons to walk around the building and get more steps in on my MiFit. She really is a beautiful dog, even if she stinks!

 Tonight for FHE Autumn & I drove around & delivered the certificates and temple necklaces to all the YW that weren't at church yesterday. I knew if we didn't do it tonight then it would be months before I got around to it. I made her stick her stinky, sour, vinegar toes out the window to air them out. She is able to stick her big toes up like thumbs, so she's always telling me that she gives Frank FOUR thumbs up instead of just two. LOL! What a silly girl. I sure do love her!!!

We got a text from Christy while we were out and about saying she had a jazz concert tonight at the high school. So, after we grabbed a quick dinner at Jack in the Box & finished delivering all the things to the young women, we went over to the concert. I'm not a big fan of jazz music, but these kids are crazy talented! I'm glad we were there to support Christy and enjoy an evening of good music.

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