Friday, February 17, 2017

F&S Are Back Again!

 I left work a little bit early today & ran by Costco to get stocked up on a few things for the weekend. Then I rushed to get Autumn & make it home in time to put a few finishing touches on cleaning the house.

 Frank & Spencer got here around 6:30, and we were sooooooo excited to get to spend the whole weekend with them. Frank brought me these GORGEOUS peacock feathers from his Mom's peacocks. They are stunning & almost made me cry. He doesn't know about Dressing Your Truth or that the Type 3 bird is a peacock! Just one more divine sign/connection that I just say "OF COURSE" about now. All of these divine signs/connections are becoming so common that "OF COURSE" is all I can say when they happen. Such goodness!

Then later on in the evening, Frank gave me a little container of face moisturizer. For some, that would be such a silly or small thing, but to me it meant the world. Last time they were here, we were at WalMart & I was trying to find this certain face moisturizer, but they were out. I thought nothing of it, and figured I'd pick some up on my next trip to the store. But, Frank remembered what kind I liked and got it for me! My heart was completely overcome that he would be so thoughtful and make such a  meaningful gesture. GOSH, THIS GUY!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

 For dinner we did taco salads so everyone could make their own and have it be what they wanted. I LOVE sitting around the table with these people and just talking and sharing about our days with each other.

We spent the evening just hanging out, watching basketball, and having fun being together. Frank TOTALLY spoke my love language tonight by bringing some scrapbooks & childhood mementos to share w/ me. It was so neat to be snuggled up next to him on the love seat & see pictures & hear stories of him growing up. Autumn & I did NOT want to leave to go over to Papa & Mimi's to spend the night when it was time to stay goodnight. We let them stay at our house, b/c the Morris's are still at Mom & Dad's and we figured it would be less awkward for Autumn & I to sleep in the extra bedroom at Mom & Dad's than to have Frank & Spencer stay there.

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