Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Friends & Food

At work today, there was a sales training so my boss had me order lunch in for everyone. I was able to get something for myself as well. I tried this ranch jalapeno dressing for the first time and it was super good! 

I left work a little early and went to the store and returned a jacket I had bought a few weeks ago. Then I went & picked Autumn and the other girls up from Activity Days. Liz is THE BEST!!!

I was off in la la land and instead of turning right to take 2 of the girls home, I was on autopilot and turned left into our neighborhood. I called their Mom to let her know and see if they could stay over and play for a little while. Autumn was THRILLED that they got to stay & play for a while. Then, after they left one of her other friends came over to play. They had so much fun making up a dance routine to a song. It makes me happy to have our home filled w/ love & laughter.

Sean & his Mom stopped by after their zumba class to pick her up. They ended up staying for over an hour to just talk & catch up. Sean was super hungry, so I fed him all sorts of food. It made me soooo happy that he felt comfortable enough to feel at home enough to go get food out of my pantry and help himself to stuff. We introduced him to the hot Tak's w/ sour cream & he was a biiiig fan of that! What a fun way to spend my 2nd Wednesday night not having to be a young women's!

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