Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Babysitting & Happy Valentine's Day 2017

 As soon as I got done w/ work, I headed over to Nate & Riannon's house. Riannon got Autumn from daycare for me while she was there for Olivia's Valentine's Day party. Nate & Riannon went out on a date, so we watched the kids for them.

 I got to rock sweet Spencer to sleep and just snuggle on him. There's nothing better than sniffing the head of a sleeping baby on your chest.

 Miss Olivia was being super cute, too! She asked me right away if I would help her to do dress up. Belle is her favorite.

 We had cereal for dinner (Riannon had cooked a delicious looking chicken in the crockpot but I didn't know how to carve it up), and then watched Season 2 of Just Add Magic online. Spencer looked so cute in his police car jumper.

 Nate & Riannon got back around 7:30, so Autumn & I went over to the Stake Center so I could get my stake temple recommend interview. The waiting line wasn't very long b/c it was Valentine's evening. We got her homework done while we sat & waited.

 When we got home, we had quite a few surprises waiting on our porch for us!

 Even though I got flowers from Frank yesterday, there were some more delivered tonight! WOW! Am I the luckiest girl ever, or what?

 The arrangement w/ all the bright colors is gorgeous! Plus, it has tiger lilies in it, which are some of my very favorites! I am so spoiled!

There was a sweet note & some candy to Autumn from Sis. W. She had mailed it to our old address, so it got sent back to her and so she dropped it off on our doorstep tonight. What a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day! 

If you had told me on Valentine's Day of 2015 that one year later we would be in South Africa visiting Papa & Mimi on their mission I wouldn't have believed you. If you had told me that in 2 years I would be dating Frank & feel the way I do about him after just knowing him for a few weeks, I would have told you you're crazy. Yet here we are, and I could NOT.BE.HAPPIER!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Jen T said...

I am so happy for you about Frank! Hope all goes well! We just never know what life is going to bring us! Glad you had a happy valentine's day!!!