Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sweet & Sassy Autumn

 It was so nice to sleep in this morning & then not have to rush to get anywhere for church meetings. We had a leisurely morning & watched The Music Man (you can see it on the TV in the background). This is one of the adorable shirts that Miss Autumn got yesterday. She looked sooooo stinkin' cute for church today! Plus, her hair was all big & wavy from being in braids yesterday.

 She disappeared into my room and came out wearing just some of my rings. She had one on every single finger! LOL!

 I was feeling FIERCE & FABULOUS today, so I had Autumn snap a few pics for me before we left for church.

 I still have a ways to go on my weight loss/health journey, but it's so fun to celebrate where I'm at now and the fact that I have lost 60 lbs since April!!! Church today was so incredible. The talks in sacrament meeting were wonderful, I got a temple recommend interview during 2nd hour b/c mine expires this month, and then I got to go to Relief Society during the 3rd hour. That was weird to walk past the young women's room and realize I have no responsibilities there anymore. I just get to love the young women as a friend instead of a leader.

Relief Society was about being positive & optimistic. The teacher shared some very personal & special experiences with us, and the Spirit was overwhelming. I am soooo excited that I got called & sustained today to be a Relief Society teacher. I LOVE teaching & will only be teaching once a month, so there is a lot less stress in my life related to church callings. It was super nice to just walk out of church today and not have to stay for any meetings!

We went over to Mom & Dad's house and had ribeye steaks w/ baked potatoes & steamed green beans for dinner. It was DELICIOUS!!! Mom got (pretend) mad at me & told me I was grounded from talking & texting Frank, b/c that's all I did all night. LOL! It was fun being together as a family, but Mom was so sad that football is over for now.

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Jen T said...

Hey, I got released as YW president also! Tis the season. . .it is weird to not go in there, it has been over 6 years for me in YW. I got called to primary choirster so still no RS for me in many years :) good luck with your RS teaching!!