Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Deep Thoughts

 Here is a selfie of what my hair looked like yesterday (before the highlights).

 This is a selfie of what my hair looks like today (with the highlights). I like how it has made the bottom part a lot more blonde and bright for the summer.

Tonight after dinner, I was trying to help Autumn w/ her homework and she was being defiant and arguing w/ me about everything. I finally had to walk away so I wouldn't lose my cool. I went out to the front yard and dug up dandelions. We have never had them in the yard before, but this year we have a plethora of them. UGH!

I was in a really funky mood & so I laid down in the driveway on my back and just watched the clouds float by while I talked to Frank. Then after I hung up w/ him, I had a lot of things on my mind. Like the fact that Mom & Dad got set apart last night to be missionaries, and will be leaving this week. Or how my life has changed so much (in the BEST possible ways) in the past few months. I was also pondering ways I can help Autumn be motivated to work and do well in school. At one point, an older neighbor lady came over and asked if I was ok b/c I was just lying in my driveway. LOL! I assured her I was doing great and thanked her for her concern. So funny!

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