Thursday, March 30, 2017

Crazy Lunch Break & Goodbye Papa & Mimi

 Today at work was CRAZY!!! I can usually take lunch whenever I want, and for however long I want. So, Liz & Eila asked if they could come down and we could go to lunch for visiting teaching. We arranged it for today, so of course all craziness broke loose. I was the only one here at the office (that never happens) and we got a shipment in (that never happens) right when I was supposed to leave and meet them for lunch. So, I had to use a forklift that I've never used before to unload 15 huge stone shower bases! It was super hectic and frantic to say the least! But, I got it done w/ the help of the guy delivering the shower bases. WHEW!!!

 I only got to spend about 7 minutes w/ Liz & Eila before they had to leave to go pick up their kids from preschool! UGH! Oh, well. At least we got to spend a little time together and I appreciate their patience & understanding.

 We went over to Mom & Dad's house for our last meal w/ them. I am sooooooo going to miss working together w/ Mom in the kitchen. We're such a good team!

 We had BBQ pork, fried rice, and steamed broccoli. She's such a talented cook and I'm so thankful that we still have sit down family dinners. It's a great way to share & connect & create memories.

 Autumn had to say her goodbyes to Papa & Mimi for the next 18 months, b/c I had to take her to volleyball practice. She started crying in the car as soon as we had backed out of the driveway, which made me start crying too. Our lives are about to change dramatically, and it hasn't really hit me yet how much we'll miss them. It's been SO NICE having them home between missions. I went back over after I dropped her off so I could spend as much time w/ them as possible.

As usual, Dad was outside doing yard work. I sat next to Mom on the couch and we just talked about logistics and things I need to handle & take care of while they're gone. I'm thankful it wasn't a super tearful goodbye like the last time they left. I just gave them both a hug separately (Mom was inside holding Spencer & Dad was outside talking to Curt b/c Jessie needed to have her ears looked at). I will miss them terribly!

 I went & got Miss Autumn from volleyball practice and she was tired. She said they worked them hard today & her mild asthma flared up when she was trying to run. Poor thing, but I'm glad they worked her hard and had her sweating.

When we got home I had her shower, and then got her to bed. I felt like doing some sweating of my own b/c I've been SO BAD w/ my eating habits lately. Plus, I just had wanted to burn off some energy so I popped in my favorite Sweatin' To The Oldies DVD. It felt good to get some exercise.

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