Saturday, March 11, 2017

Frank & Family In OK

 This morning Autumn & I got up early (for a Saturday) and headed north. Frank was going to come down this weekend, but he needed to attend church at his ward on Sunday to meet w/ someone from the Stake. So, I talked him into letting Autumn & I come up to visit on Saturday morning before he had to go to work. It's an easy 3 hour drive. We stopped to use the restroom and I LOVED this Indian sign.
 As soon as we got there, we went up to his parent's house to say hi. His Mom is a major crafter and can make all sorts of things that she then sells at craft shows. She was showing Autumn some of the things she's made. They talked about crocheting, and Autumn was so excited to learn a new stitch.
 We went outside to see the chickens, peacocks, and then I saw this house in their neighborhood. They said no one lives there, and for some reason I was just drawn to it. So, we went and walked around the outside of it. I told Frank that when we win the lottery someday we'll buy it and fix it up. LOL.
 We hung out at Frank's house for a little bit, and then we loaded in the truck to go to town. We squished all the kids in the back seat. He drove us around and showed us where the boys go to school, where he goes to work out at the gym, etc.
 By this time, everyone was hungry so we ran through the McDonald's drive thru and headed to a nearby state park to have a picnic lunch. It was SO COOOOOOOOLD & windy, so we ate super fast. Plus, it didn't help that the benches were cold stone.
 The kids went and climbed on the rocks outside of the caves before we had to load back into the car.
 On the way to the state park, Frank had pointed out an Artesian well and I had said how fun it would be to stop on the way back and try the water. I had completely forgotten about it, but he pulled up in front of it and even had an empty McDonald's cup for us to use to get some water! He is so stinkin' thoughtful and had chugged his drink so we'd have the cup. The water tasted very "minerally" but would work in an emergency.
 I had also noticed a little trailer on the main road that was selling funnel cakes & fried Oreos. I had mentioned on the way into town how fun it would be to stop there. So, guess where Frank stopped on the way home ... yep, the little trailer. It was a HUGE funnel cake that was covered in chocolate syrup, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. The fried Oreos were insanely good, and he and I shared one.
 We hurried back to his house b/c he had to get ready to leave for work. His Mom stopped by b/c she wanted to get a picture of us on her tablet. I showed her how to email them to me.
 I LOVE this man so much! It was soooooooooo hard to say goodbye to him. I'm thankful his Mom insisted on taking a few pictures of us together. He's so attractive in every possible way ... physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, etc. I'm so blessed beyond belief to have him in my life.
 After he left, the boys wanted to watch Doctor Strange, so Autumn & I stayed and watched it w/ them. While we were watching it, I made a few little silly signs to hide around the house for Frank to find later when he got home. Just a little way to let him know I was thinking about him and love him and miss him.
But, his Mom came down to the house and said that Grampsy & she had talked about us staying over the night w/ them if we wanted to. Autumn & I talked about it and even though we hadn't brought anything to stay over, we wanted to. I decided we would surprise Frank and not let him know we had stayed. That way when he got home he would be so shocked & surprised to see my car still in his driveway.
 Since we were staying, I figured that I'd better make dinner for the boys. So, when Grampsy & Grannymom went to town we went w/ them. It was fun to walk around the grocery store where Frank shops and get some groceries. We came home and I made tacos, a tamale casserole for tomorrow, and a tres leches cake. I finally woke up Spencer & Grant (they had been sleeping for most of the afternoon since they weren't feeling well), and we had dinner together.
While we were waiting for Frank to get off of work, I was getting a little stir crazy so I suggested we go outside and burn off some energy. We ran (yes, I jogged) to the end of their long driveway and back. Then the boys played basketball while I played music on my phone and we had a dance party. Frank called when he got off of work, just like he always does. I had to be careful not to let him know that I was still at his house. It was sooooooooo cool to hear the surprise and shock in his voice when he pulled into his driveway and saw my car and realized I was still at his house and that I hadn't gone back home. YAY!!! It was such a great reunion.

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