Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wonderful Weekend

 We got up this morning, got ready, and his Mom let me borrow a skirt to wear to church since all I had were the clothes I wore yesterday (a shirt and jeans). She is such an angel and made bacon and biscuits for breakfast. Then we loaded into the 2 cars (I drove mine) and we headed off to church.
 They go to church at a very small branch, but the Spirit was incredibly strong. Everyone helps out and does at least a few things. It was neat to see Frank & his Dad sitting up at the front w/ the branch president. Then Grant blessed the sacrament, Julian passed the sacrament, and Spencer was asked to share his testimony. It was wonderful. The Primary President asked Frank if he would be willing to share some thoughts in Primary since the person that had the spiritual thought didn't show.
It was AWESOME to hear him share a simple yet powerful testimony of the Savior w/ the Primary kids. We decided to stay in Primary together instead of leaving and going to Gospel Doctrine. It was SO.MUCH.FUN! We sang along w/ the Primary songs, held hands, and helped out if needed. They were talking about how to "choose the right" and the lady that was leading the lesson said, "there are 2 people in the back of the room (talking about Frank & me) and they have chosen the right and look at how happy they are." That made us both feel really good, b/c it's true!
 Frank & his Dad have to stay after church for meetings, so Frank's Mom always packs a big lunch for everyone. Today it was egg salad sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, chips, fruit, crackers, and drinks. She is AMAZING and blows my mind w/ how loving & service oriented she is. I told the boys that I hope they recognize & appreciate how blessed they are to have her.
 Frank finished his meeting, so we got a group picture before it was time to say good bye. They guy that was supposed to come visit from the stake center to help w/ the clearance letter never showed, which was weird. Frank & I were saying our goodbyes and I could not stop crying. His Dad was a total SWEETHEART and suggested that we take Frank w/ us to go get some gas (I was down to 1/4 of a tank & couldn't make it home on that) and they were going to go drop off some stuff to his sister. Then we could meet up at a certain spot so Frank could go back home w/ them, but we'd have another 20 - 30 minutes together. I was beyond touched that Grampsy would do that for us. Especially since he needed to hurry up and get home in time to go to work. WOW!
We met up at the rendezvous point, and said our quick goodbyes (no tears this time). Then Autumn & I hit the road for home. It was an easy 3 hour drive. We went to Papa & Mimi's house to say hi and tell them all about our weekend. Plus, we wanted to hear how their farewell talks in sacrament meeting had gone since we missed that. We came home after a little while so we could pack and get ready for a trip we're going on tomorrow. What a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

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