Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Galveston Vacation ~ Day 2

 We got up around 7:30 this morning and Papa made Texas shaped waffles for breakfast (I had one of my Medifast shakes).

 While we were waiting for everyone else to wake up & eat breakfast, I had Andrew help Autumn w/ some of her math homework that her teacher had sent for her to do while she's missing school this week.

 We all got ready to head down to the beach, and once we got there we realized it was a bad idea! It was only about 52 degrees and there was a NASTY COLD wind! I was completely covered from head to foot except for my eyes.

 That didn't stop Papa & Olivia from trying to build a sand castle. When Olivia would get cold, she'd come over to Aunt Lexie to get under a towel and warm up. Then after a few minutes she'd run back out to play.

 Nate was having a little bit too much fun w/ Olivia's dancing ribbon. LOL!

 We decided to come back to the house to warm up and that we'd try to go back out later this afternoon once the sun had a chance to warm things up. Autumn discovered that she LOVES looking for & collecting shells. She had quite a collection going on out on the porch.

 We played games, did puzzles, and even took a nap. For lunch we just did sandwiches & chips, which was perfect.

 After lunch we headed back out to the beach. It was a little warmer, but not much. If it weren't windy, it wouldn't be so bad. Nick wanted to take a turn using the dancing ribbon, and he had us cracking up doing a "routine" he was making up on the spot.

 Adam was such a daredevil & Jon is such a great Dad to stay close & watch him like a hawk so he didn't go too far out into the water. Poor Adam was SHIVERING & so cold that he got out of the water to take a break. That's a sure sign that it was too cold ... for Adam to call it quits.

 Mom had brought this cool pop up tent thing that helped to block the wind. We got Autumn all wrapped up in towels and he sat in there getting warm w/ Nick & Savi.

 Autumn didn't mind the cold at all and was looking for seashells as if it were her full time job. We got her this cute #SPRINGBREAK swimsuit at WalMart b/c all her swimsuits from last year were too small.

 Spencer had fun putting his feet in the cold water for the first time. We couldn't keep Olivia out of the water, b/c she was having such a great time.

 Nate decided he was going to dig a big hole that could fill up w/ water and hopefully get warm so that it was like a mini swimming pool for the kids. It didn't work very well b/c eventually the tide came in and ruined the whole thing.

 Here's what our crew looked like from the water.

 These 2 cute cousins were CRAZY & went far out into the waves to try body surfing. It was way too cold for me, but they LOVED it and had so much fun. I'm so glad they're close in age and have each other to stay entertained.

 Dad was smart and had us turn the pop up tent so that it blocked all the wind. It was so nice that everyone huddled in there to warm up. I ended up taking a glorious hour long nap! I loved falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves.

 Dad & Jackson went ALL OUT w/ building a sand castle. It had a moat, a drawbridge, it was covered in seashells, etc. They did such an awesome job. I hope it's still there tomorrow when we come back, and that the tide (or other kids) haven't destroyed it.

 We started another puzzle, but it was a booger and we ended up not finishing it b/c it wasn't fun.

 Jon & Andrew had a good game of chess going on.

 It was sooooooo wonderful to be able to just lay down and take a nap whenever I wanted. My body really needed the extra rest & relaxation. I LOVE this picture of the 3 of us sleeping.

 Nick & Savi were in charge of dinner tonight and made some YUMMY El Salvadorian chicken, rice, and veggies. I went back for seconds (and maybe even thirds) b/c it was so delicious.

 Frank called after dinner, so I went in my room to talk to him. So much for peace & quite & alone time! Nate knew I was in there talking to him, so he had everyone start coming in to bug me. LOL. The joke was that I only got one hour a day to talk to Frank & that I had exceeded my allotted time. So funny!

 I had Autumn & Andrew help w/ the dinner cleanup since they're old enough to know how. It was so nice that we brought paper plates & bowls to use so we kept the dish washing to a minimum.

 I felt so gross & disgusting from being out on the beach & having salt water & sand on me that I took a quick shower after dinner. Then we had a hair station set up b/c Autumn wanted to do my hair, and Olivia wanted me to do her hair, and Aunt Lexie wanted her hair to be played w/ too.

 The sunset was pretty tonight.

 We watched Wall-E and then before bed Mimi said she had a present for all the grandkids. She had made each of them a pillowcase w/ fabric that has missionaries & Book of Mormons on it as a reminder of Papa & Mimi while they're gone on their mission. She also put embroidered each of the kid's names at the top of their pillowcase! SO NEAT! Poor Autumn had been asleep and was NOT happy about being woken up for a picture. Spencer was super excited about his pillowcase, though. LOL!

We got all the kids to bed and then worked on a puzzle while we sat and talked and laughed. We laughed even harder when Nate came out of his room wearing this Deadpool onesie that Riannon had gotten for him. LOL!

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