Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Galveston Vacation ~ Day 3

 We got up around 7:30 again this morning & had bacon, eggs, toast, and bagels for breakfast.

 We were talking about makeup and how I never wear anything other than lipstick. Riannon wanted to put some makeup on me, and I was more than willing to let her. Then Lexie busted out her makeup bag and did eyeshadow & eyeliner.

 It's subtle, but I think I look pretty. I MIGHT (big might) have to look into wearing makeup more often.

 We knew it would be too cold to go to the beach in the morning, so we loaded up in the cars and headed for Seawolf Park. It was so windy that Dad had to cover his ears b/c it was hurting his hearing aid!

 The kids headed straight towards this fun & colorful playground.

 Some of the adults huddled together to keep each other warm & try to stay out of the wind gusts.

 We had SO.MUCH.FUN on this orange sphere looking thing. I climbed in there and then Nate & Dad pushed me. I wonder how many G forces I was under b/c it was crazy & I had to hold on for dear life & keep my head propped against one of the bars so it wouldn't just wobble around. It was awesome.

 I loved watching the waves crash up against this seawall. Nature is so gorgeous!

 After playing on the playground for a while, we walked over to the Undersea Warfare Center to check it out. 

We got to check out the USS Cavalla, which is "a World War II submarine that sank a Japanese aircraft carrier that was involved in the Pearl Harbor attacks." 

 The movies always make submarines seem so cool & like living on one would be so glamorous. After walking through this submarine, I am SO THANKFUL for the men & women who protect us and live on these tiny vessels. These doorways were so small to squeeze through, and I don't know how 2 people would fit in some of the hallways if you had to go opposite directions. The thought of being stuck in there for months on end would make me go crazy!

Can you imagine having this as your bed each night? Sleeping right over the top of a missile/torpedo? And can you imagine how loud and hot and stinky those machines are?

 Once we finished touring the submarine, we went over to the USS Stewart, which is "a World War II destroyer escort which is only one of three left in the world."

 The kids had such a good time listening to the self-guided audio tour as they walked around the ship. I think they all learned a lot of new things.

 I would much rather be on a ship like this than on a submarine. The hallways were wider, the ceilings were taller, and it felt more open and airy.

 It's crazy how these huge & heavy metal things can actually float and move through the water. So fascinating. As I walked around, I tried to picture all the men & women that served on these vessels, what their lives were like, how much they missed home, and what it felt like for them. Powerful stuff!

 We HAD TO get a silly "Titanic" picture together at the front of the boat. LOL!

 Papa with some of the grandkids sitting on a torpedo!

 We left the park and came home to eat lunch (sandwiches & chips) b/c everyone was hungry.

 I went to the upstairs level of the house to have some peace & quiet so I could get some work emails taken care of and talk to Frank. I had only been up there for about 3 minutes when everyone decided to come upstairs too. UGH! Jon was giving adjustments & Nate wanted me to hold his loaded gun while he got one.

 We're so thankful that Jon is willing to share his talent/gift with us and give us adjustments. I think pretty much everyone got one and we all felt so much better.

 Once I finished my work emails & Autumn did some homework, I let Autumn & Andrew play some computer games on my laptop. Nate & Riannon were in charge of dinner tonight and they made a delicious creamy pasta dish w/ leftover chicken from Savi's meal w/ some yummy veggies added in.

 I wanted to go lay down and talk to Mom since I don't have very much time left w/ her before they leave on their mission. Pretty soon we had a whole bed full of girls. I love it that we're all spooning and have our arms around each other. I'm thankful for the sisterhood & friendship that we share (Savi was upstairs taking a nap, which is why she's not in the picture).

 We got the little kids to bed and then busted out the games. Autumn was a Jenga MASTER (who knew???) and pulled out some crazy pieces w/out knocking it over. We were all super impressed w/ her mad skills.

 After several rounds of Jenga, we got out the Disney Sorry game and played that. It's fun to play games and talk and laugh together. What a fun (and windy) day!

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