Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sandwiches, Temple, Volleyball, & Straight Hair

 Autumn & I got up early this morning & went to help make meals for the homeless. It's one of our favorite traditions that we look forward to every month. We tried going by Costa Vida on our way home for our usual lunch, but they were having computer issues and weren't going to open for another 30 minutes.

 We came home, grabbed a quick lunch, I changed into church clothes, and then I took Autumn over to Mom & Dad's house. I drove down to the temple but got stuck in traffic so I wasn't able to make the 12:30 session. I ended up doing initiatories for an hour, which was WONDERFUL! It's been a while since I've been to the temple and it felt so good to be back inside its sacred walls.

 I went to a consultation in Dallas at 3:00, and then picked Autumn up at Papa & Mimi's. She wanted to leave immediately so we could go to Dick's Sporting Goods and get her some new volleyball gear. Even with the shorts, knee pads, and volleyball being 20% off, it cost over $80!!! I'm glad she likes being active and am happy to support her in being a part of this volleyball team.

 We came home, had dinner, cleaned up the house, and then we went over to Liz's house at 9:00 so she could straighten my hair. Frank is coming down tomorrow and I thought it would be a fun surprise & something different to have straight hair. It felt so good to have Liz brush & straighten my hair. She's such a good friend!

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Jen T said...

congrats on your two callings! I got two also :) RS VT supervisor and then primary music director. Looking forward to them both. Glad things are going so well with Frank! Hope that continues!!!