Friday, March 3, 2017

Sad Snuggles

 Autumn & I had a rough patch tonight when we got home from school. We had eaten dinner, and we were trying to get some homework done. She wasn't in the mood to do it, so I lost my cool and yelled at her saying that I wasn't going to help her if she wasn't even going to try. She went and had a good cry, got out her frustrations, and then we had a good snuggle. I love her so much and want nothing but the very best for her. She has to want that for herself, too.

 I had a hankerin' for "THE BEST caramel sauce" so I made a double batch. Autumn had hers over ice cream. I ate a few spoonfuls just straight up! Soooooo bad for the diet!

 Dad sent us this picture of him eating Cafe Rio without us!

We were so jealous, so we sent this picture back to him. LOL! We're glad he's getting to spend time w/ his Dad and brothers. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing, watching the Disney cartoon Hercules, and cleaning up the kitchen.

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