Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Visiting Teaching Activity

 Nate & Riannon invited us over for dinner tonight, so we could eat at their new kitchen table. So nice! Riannon refinished it herself ... she's so talented when it comes to stuff like that. She made a DELICIOUS dinner. She just cut up a bunch of veggies, some sausage links, and put it in a big bowl w/ some Italian dressing as a marinade. Then she laid it out on cookie sheets and baked it in the oven until the veggies were soft. So easy & healthy & delicious!

 Autumn & I headed over to the church after dinner for a Relief Society visiting teaching activity. It was "5 weird ways to be a better visiting teacher." It was a lot of fun & we had a great discussion. I am sad there weren't more sisters there, but it was kind of nice to have it be cozy & intimate w/ just a few of us.

 There was a chocolate fountain w/ strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, bananas, and angel food cake pieces to dip in the chocolate. It was soooooo good!

 They even had this super cute photo booth w/ props set up. I'm so glad that I went!

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