Monday, March 20, 2017

Anonymous Door Decorator

 I posted about our engagement on Facebook yesterday, and we have almost 400 "likes" and 175 comments! It means so much to me that family and friends both near & far are excited and happy for us. During lunch today I went and got my car washed, b/c it was FILTHY! I went to this place that does the whole inside and outside for $23! My car is so SHINY & clean now.

 After work/school we went over to Mom & Dad's. Dad & Nate had been working hard all day putting down mulch at their house & at Nate's. Nate was all hot & sweaty and wanted to jump in the pool. It's still a little bit too cold to get in but he did anyways. CRAZY!

 We had Family Home Evening together, and had a great gospel discussion about what we can do to prepare for General Conference coming up in a few weekends. It's so sad to think this is one of our last FHE's w/ Mom & Dad before they leave on their next mission. What will we do without them?!?!?!

When Autumn & I got home tonight, someone had stopped by and anonymously decorated our front porch & garage w/ white wedding decorations and congratulations balloons! I am so beyond blessed to have THE BEST family & friends in the world. Thank you 1 million times over to the anonymous decorator for making me feel so loved & so special!

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