Thursday, March 23, 2017

Volleyball Practice

 We went out to eat for dinner tonight, b/c I had a coupon. Plus, I hadn't set anything out for dinner and we needed to eat in a rush since Autumn had volleyball practice tonight.

 Practice actually started last week but we were in Galveston & missed it. She was so excited to get back out on the court & put her skills to use.

 While she was at practice, I took advantage of the time alone and went on a brisk walk around the nearby neighborhood. I'm glad I had my phone w/ me so I could take pictures of some of the gorgeous flowers that are in bloom in people's yards. I like the random white streak in this one.

 I am always a big fan of Iris and how the petals almost look glittery.

 I don't know what these are called, but I like how they had these little "tails" coming off of them.

 This picture doesn't do justice to just how HUGE this rose was. It had so many petals and was so fragrant. 

 The weather was perfect w/ a light breeze. The sunset was unbelievable, and this picture doesn't even capture how great it was. There were dark purples and then pretty pink & blue pastels w/ firey yellows and oranges. I'm so thankful for nature & the beauties of this Earth.

 I finished my walk a little early so I could go in and watch the last few minutes of Autumn's practice. She's gotten more powerful since last year & her serves are looking good!


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