Friday, March 24, 2017

Long & Late Family Home Evening

 It was raining a little bit this morning, and then when the sun came up it was so pretty! I dropped Autumn early at school, and then went over to Mom & Dad's house instead of going to work. 

 We went to the county building to take care of switching cars around while they're gone on their mission. I will now be driving their car, and Nick will drive mine! Nick & Savi need a nice 4 door vehicle instead of the little 2 door one he has for when they have their baby.

 Sis. M and her kids came by last night & stayed over at our house again on their way back home. We said our goodbyes to them last night before we went to bed, b/c we had to be up and gone so early. When we got home, this adorable card was waiting for us on the counter. They had hidden 12 plastic eggs around the house w/ candy inside. It was so fun having them here & getting to spend time w/ them.

 Autumn & I packed a few things into our bags and then hit the road for OK. We got to Grannymom & Grampsy's house around 10:00. The kids were already there along w/ Austin & Sariah (their cousins). Even though it was late at night, we had a Family Home Evening. Grannymom talked about families and showed the kids this genealogy chart that shows they are related to royalty & it goes all the way back to Adam & Eve!!! Autin shared some things that he's been going through, and it was kind of like a mini therapy/venting session. It was great & the Spirit was really strong.

 Grant & Frank got home from work around 11:30, so we stopped for a little bit to talk w/ them and get a picture. I just LOVE & ADORE this picture of us soooooooooo much!

 We were pretty much done w/ the lesson part, so it was time for the activity. We did a white elephant gift exchange, except that Grannymom had gotten all the gifts (Autumn & I brought a few from home). We were able to steal a gift 2 times and then it was frozen. There was A LOT of laughter and fun going on.

 Then it was time for the big surprise. We were having a little birthday party for Julian & Spencer since it's their birthdays this coming week. Julian's not a big basketball fan as you can tell from the look on his face. LOL! After everyone had dessert, we sang "A Child's Prayer" to close out the evening. I played the piano while everyone sang. It was SO POWERFUL and there were definitely some tears shed.

By this time it was 1:30 IN THE MORNING!!! We turned their house into a big old sleepover w/ mattresses from the camper. Everyone finally settled down and went to sleep around 3:00 am!!! What a CRAZY & LONG & FUN & LATE Family Home Evening!

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