Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter At The Farm 2017

 Autumn & I slept in this morning, which was really nice since we were up so late last night. Frank & Spencer drove down to spend Easter weekend with us. Frank got Autumn this sparkly necklace with an "A" on it to represent "Awesome Autumn."

She was beyond thrilled and you could tell just from looking at her that she felt super special & important. As soon as we were done taking this picture, we loaded in my car and headed for The Farm.

 We got there around 12:00 & everyone was waiting for us to get there so we could have the Easter Egg Hunt. This was the best picture I could get out of the 10 I took. Of course we'll never get one w/ everyone looking at the same time, but that's OK. It's fun to look back over the years and see how much the kids have changed. It's fun to see that this year we have TWO Spencers that joined us.

 We had to snap this cute pic to send it to Papa & Mimi.

 After the Easter Egg Hunt, Caleb was in charge of lunch to help pass something off for one of his Boy Scout requirements. We had hot dogs, fruit, and drinks.

 After lunch, everyone kind of did their own thing. Some people stayed by the fire to talk. Others of us went over to the pond to do some fishing. I kept telling Frank that last year at the farm I never could have imagined how great it would be this year having him with me.

 My heart just MELTED as I watched him help Autumn bait her hook and then teach her how to cast the line, reel it in, and take out the hook. He's so patient and kind and loving with her.

 Spencer had a nice & relaxing time kayaking out on the pond. He's never done it before, but was a total natural at it. We stayed and visited with everyone and had fun until about 5:00. Then we were ready to hit the road.

 We stopped at a local malt shop/burger place so that Frank & Spencer could try it. They said it was really good. After our tummies were full, we headed toward home. We just vegged out for the rest of the evening and watched the rest of Camelot since we didn't get to finish it last weekend. What a FUN day! I got a text from Aunt Sandy & Uncle Robert saying they 100% approve of Frank & that they give us 2 thumbs up to get married. That means a lot to me for them to say that. Everyone that has met Frank so far approves of him, b/c he's so INCREDIBLE!!!

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